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Cheetah vs Raven

This pairing was mouthwatering from the moment the match was made! Up and coming beauty Cheetah has been making a great impression at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

But now she found herself up against delectable Raven, from Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory, who has been thrilling fans in the scene for years.

And the result was a fabulous contest which demonstrated the power and skills that both of these gorgeous girls possess and aren’t afraid to call upon.

The opening exchanges told us it was going to be a hot and exciting contest when wild cat Cheetah flew at Raven and had her struggling in a head lock.

But Raven’s power and years of experience under her belt helped her turn the tables and, after an almighty struggle, strike first with a crushing body scissor.

For a while after that, it looked as if Raven might overwhelm Cheetah as she continued on the offensive but Cheetah is made of sterner stuff and she thought back magnificently to give Raven plenty to think about.

And they went for each other with an array of different moves including camel clutches, ankle locks, bear hugs, breast smothers, body scissors, a variety of pins and headlocks with each enjoying some welcome success as a result of these endeavours.

You can tell both ladies were enjoying themselves, especially when they were on top (naturally) and they were both testing each other right to their limits as they battled on virtually every inch of the mats they were fighting on.

They battle to the point of exhaustion and the moan and groans and screams tell you just how much effort both Raven and Cheetah put into this one.

It is obvious that neither would be happy to lose. However, there was a winner by the end but there was a hell of a lot of mutual respect too.

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