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Cheetah vs London

In her short wrestling career, gorgeous wildcat Cheetah has made quite an impression on the scene and her zest for the sport means she is not afraid to take anyone on.

So, we wanted to see how she’d fare against another diminutive spitfire and put her up against the incredible talent that is luscious London!

And where better for them to face off than in the newest artillery in Monica’s Wrestling Centre arsenal than in the compact Mats of Doom room - where both fighters were sure to work up a sweat in no time!

Strong and skilful London has a lot more experience to call upon than Cheetah, but the Eastern European is quick, wily and learning very fast which meant this was always going to be a fabulous contest.

They wasted little time in going at it and London’s power immediately came to the fore as she forced Cheetah down to the mats and schoolgirl pinned her confidently. But she was given a reality check when Cheetah’s flexibility got her out - much to London’s surprise!

Just a few seconds in and we were already on the edge of our seats, knowing this was going to be a great fight!

They fought all over the room and exchanged scissors, head locks, pins, breast smothers and bearhugs as they tried to exert their authority over one another.

What was even more impressive was their tolerance to pain. When one had a strong hold over the other, the victim didn’t give in easily and often fought her way out, much to her rival’s frustration.

By the end of this magnificent battle, there was a clear winner - although both girls seemed very disappointed that the contest was over. They were clearly having a lot of fun wrestling each other. Brilliant match!

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