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Cheetah vs Honey J

We love a match of contrasts and this one certainly gave us that as the smaller and quicker Cheetah took on the bigger, powerful Honey J on the MWC mats.

There is no doubt Cheetah has come on in leaps and bounds since she joined us and she was certainly not daunted by the task in front of her.

Likewise, Honey J was keen to get her hands on her rival and so they buzzed little time in doing just that as they immediately showed each other what they were all about!

And if either was any doubt about the other’s strength and skill, those doubts were removed by an exchange of vicious headlocks that, judging by the grunts and groans, were clearly felt by each woman.

They barely paused for breath as they kept on attacking each other with sheer determination and this meant they fought hard all over the mats (sometimes almost off them too!) in search of submissions.

We saw them exchange body scissors, head locks, arm bars, breast smothers, bear hugs and many combination moves in a thrilling match.

At times when it looked like Honey J or Cheetah were on top, the other would turn the tables and put her opponent in peril!

There was also a great deal of respect between the two, usually after one had suffered while trapped in a vicious hold put on by the other!

But make no mistake, both of these beauties wanted to win above all else and their fighting spirit and stubbornness to try to resist pain certainly proved that.

Cheetah and Honey J battled right up until the moment time was called to end the match and we were left with a clear winner, who was certainly delighted with her efforts and treated us to a muscle flexing victory pose!

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