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Cheetah v Gabriela Pliante

Putting two talented, quick and ultra sexy wrestlers in the tight confines of the MWC Mats of Doom Room gave us all the ingredients of an exciting and wild fight.

And sure enough, Cheetah and Gabriella didn’t disappoint when they faced off and got to grips with one another in this phenomenal contest!

Gabriella told Cheetah that she was hunting her but, judging by the expression on her face, the wildcat saw the brunette as her prey too!

They locked up and their legs were soon tangled up and both had bear hugs as they squeezed and fought out the early moments in a real test of strength!

It was Cheetah who raced into a quick lead first when she came out on top of that display of power from both girls. But Gabriella wasn't deterred and was back on her hunt, levelling things up quickly with a nasty headlock.

This set the scene nicely and demonstrated that this was going to be an all action, edge-of-your-seats wrestling battle between two eager and skilled fighters.

The quick fire points kept being racked up as both Cheetah and Gabriella secured submissions in their favour through body scissors, breast smothers and grapevine pins.

It was a back and forth battle between two talents on top of their game as the initiative swung back and forth.

And things got spicier and more and more competitive the more they submitted as they realised how much they wanted to win!

Only a brave punter would have bet on either Cheetah or Gabriella coming out as the winner bring the heat of this evenly matched fight.

The small room could barely contain them but they both fought long and hard right up until the very feisty and tense end! A truly phenomenal contest between two beautiful battling badass babes!

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