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Cheetah dominated by two guys - custom

We have no doubt that if Cheetah took either of these two men on in a one on one contest, she wouldn’t just win but also annihilate them.

We know that and they all know that. Which is why these two brave soldiers decided to sneak up from behind while she was working out on the MWC wrestling mats to launch a short but punishing attack on her.

Cheetah is alarmed and shocked by the two men who have evil intent in mind right from the get go.

They try to subdue her by immobilising her limbs, which she is clearly itching to use to fight them off and inflict pain on them.

She struggles and shrieks as she tries to escape which prompts both these guys to trap her on the mats before launching punches to her exposed and helpless stomach.

Cheetah lives up to her name as a wild cat though and keeps trying to fight herself free, trying to attack each of her assailants whenever she sees an opening.

So the cowards resort to methods which include raking their nails across her belly and even tickling her belly button.

They have her pinned down to the mats and this combined with the punches eventually start to take their toll on the helpless beauty.

Her ordeal only lasts around five minutes but the intensity and brutality of their attack means that is pretty much all they need.

Poor Cheetah is left out on the mats while the two men walk off clearly proud of what they have just done!

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