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Black Diamond vs Ruby Lix

It’s a daunting prospect for anyone facing the beautiful Black Diamond at any time but it’s even scarier when she isn’t in the mood for being nice.

As soon as she spies her much smaller opponent for this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match is Ruby Lix, she is straight into mean mode by addressing her as the Green Goblin!

She then explodes into action and starts throwing poor Ruby across Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain proudly declaring “There is nothing nice about me at all!”

Poor Ruby is like a rabbit trapped in the headlights as she is woman handled so hard and so badly that she ends up looking like a rag doll being thrown around with ease by a giant who seems hell bent on destroying her!

There are hard kicks to the belly, expert takedowns, cross body splashes, arm bars, head scissors, a variety of pins and a series of combination holds that bring on a whole world of pain for hapless Ruby who seems to have no answer whatsoever to this onslaught.

Black Diamond gets crueller with her taunts too - clearly not satisfied with just dominating and destroying her smaller foe.

The attacks must have felt never-ending for poor Ruby and she got to know the turnbuckles very well given the amount of times she was hurled into them with sheer power by a rampant Black Diamond.

Even when Ruby does try to go on the “attack” she is treated with sheer disdain and makes no impact whatsoever on Black Diamond and just sparks an even more brutal response.

It’s a tortuous experience for little Ruby Lix and something that she will most definitely not forget for a long time to come.

Black Diamond certainly enjoyed this brutal beatdown as well as celebrating over her beaten foe’s body!

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