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Bitch Cassidy vs Rogue

If there is one trait that Bitch Cassidy certainly doesn’t lack then its self confidence - something evident here as she works it in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain telling the camera it’s ‘time to kick some ass!’

But her rival in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter is the very talented Rogue and she is certainly not phased by any of the antics of her rival standing in the opposite corner of the ring!

The pair of them are two of the hottest and brightest talents who have emerged recently and it is clear that they are both up for this and just want to fight and show who is the alpha between the two of them!

And sure enough, it isn’t long at all before Bitch Cassidy and Rogue are rolling around on the canvas fighting hard (and a little bit dirty and underhand) in their bid for an impressive victory.

It’s frenetic and frantic as both ladies demonstrate how they are prepared to stop at nothing to beat down the other.

There are wrestling moves of course in the shape of scissors, arm bars, numerous pin fall attempts and combination moves but we also see plenty of hair pulling, low blows and even some breast mauling along the way too!

Rogue and Bitch Cassidy are evenly matched and so the advantage sways from one beauty to the other and plenty of near misses are seen as they fight harder and harder for that victory.

The verbals are pretty much present throughout the contest too as the battle gets more and more intense with each passing minute.

The outcome is in the balance right to the very end as both of these warriors show how tough and talented they really are. But there is a winner and boy does she enjoy humiliating her victim at the end!

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