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Bianca Blance vs Ivy Rain

Exquisite English rose Ivy Rain has excited us all with her ever-improving wrestling skills and awesome matches here at Monica’s Wresting Centre.

But boy did she face a real test to see how far she had actually come when she found herself facing off against beautiful Bianca in the MWC Mats of Doom room!

The Italian is quick, strong, highly skilled and vastly experienced so it was a daunting prospect for the relative novice to take on.

But to Ivy’s immense credit, she isn't the sort of girl to duck out of a challenge and she had no fears or apprehension squaring up to her celebrated rival.

And if Bianca had any notion that this would be easy for her, they were dispelled straight away in their instant test of strength as they went to battle - Ivy was not here to make up the numbers!

First blood, however, did go to Bianca after a battle with her determined foe saw her come out on top with a crushing body scissor that left Ivy with no choice but to tap out.

However, Ivy was not concerned about this in the slightest and was straight back on the attack and soon levelled the scores with an outstanding head lock that had Bianca struggling big time before she reluctantly gave way and submitted!

This set the match up very nicely and the confined space of the room meant there was no getting away from each other!

We were treated to an array of moves from both these warriors including bear hugs, breast smothers, grapevine pins, body scissors, head scissors and arm bars.

Submissions came but neither girl was keen to give them away and their stubbornness led to much pain and suffering!

It was a thrilling back and forth match with one girl finally emerging on top! Download this classic to find out who!

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