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Bianca Blance Vanquished

Beautiful Bianca is one of the most thrilling and talented fighters on the European wrestling scene and has kicked many an ass to prove it.

But the Italian sweetheart has never faced a challenge as daunting as Madame Vanquish before and, as it turned out, it’s one she won’t forget in a hurry either!

The dominatrix is not someone who respects reputations - as she has proved with her destruction of so many girls on the MWC roster - and all she saw her was fresh meat.

To be fair though, Bianca was not in the least bit intimidated by her and used her speed to try to evade Madame Vanquish’s early attempts to scoop her up and slam her down to the mats.

And even when the dominatrix had her trapped between powerful legs in a crushing body scissor, Bianca refused to give in.

Only problem with that tactic, however, is Madame Vanquish is never phased and merely ups her efforts to force her victim to submit. She merely changed her mode of attack and forced Bianca to reluctantly tap out with a painful looking head lock.

The dominatrix continued to attack and apply incredible pressure with body scissors, head locks, figure four leg locks and combination holds that really cranked up the pain on Bianca.

As the match wore on, you could see that Bianca was feeling the effects of the relentless assault by Madame Vanquish, who was happily enjoying herself as she inflicted more and more agony on her victim.

Bianca’s earlier efforts had subsided and she discovered first hand why Madame Vanquish’s name is giving so many girls at MWC sleepless nights.

The Italian is left totally broken and beaten by the end of this while her delighted tormentor celebrates with an emphatic victory pose over her prone body!

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