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Beth Bennett vs Coco Rose

Matches don’t get much hotter and exciting than this with two beauties keen to get to grips with one another on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

Beautiful Beth Bennett and gorgeous Coco Rose waste little time in getting this contest under way and are soon battling all over the ground in a fast paced fight which both seem extremely eager to win!

Beth has a bit of a size advantage over her rival but this certainly doesn’t seem to deter Coco who gives as good as she gets in the opening minutes.

Even when the first submission arrives - via a head lock and body scissor combination - the tempo of the match doesn’t let up as the beauties are soon locked up again rolling around on the mats trying to secure the next tap out!

The intensity remains throughout the whole match with both Coco and Beth enjoying moments in the ascendency as they both keenly look to make the other give every chance they get.

We see body scissors, breast smothers, arm locks, head locks, leg locks, head scissors, bear hugs, schoolgirl pins and combination holds which seem to make an impact.

Both ladies show they can take it as well as dish it out as they resist some seriously painful looking holds which lesser wrestlers might have succumbed to if they had been in the same situation!

You can see the effort that both Beth Bennett and Coco Rose has put in as they are covered in sweat and breathing heavily as the fight reaches its latter stages.

But there is no let up in the pace of the match or in the effort from both of these warriors who continue to throw themselves at each other time and time again. There is a clear winner at the end but both girls earn their praise after this one!

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