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Bambi vs Luna K

This mouth-watering clash was never going to fail to deliver as it featured two young, strong, skilled and very beautiful ladies who just always seem to want to fight!

Pitting the awesome American Bambi against the Welsh wonder Luna K in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room was an inspired choice as they just immediately got to grips with one another to get this exciting battle under way.

And the immediate exchanges told us we were in for one hell of a match with both girls showcasing some of their immense skills early doors, exchanging submissions via a head lock and an ankle lock.

Well, we say early doors - it wasn’t that early as both Bambi and Luna K showed they have resilience and resisted for as long as they can before reluctantly submitting!

The massive smiles and moans of delight when they executed moves on one another also gave us an insight to just how much these two warriors love to fight! And, of course, their frustration and annoyance at being on the receiving end was evident too!

They really went for it against one another with a variety of holds including body scissors, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, head locks, arm bars, grapevine pins, figure four locks and combination holds which had the desired effect.

Bambi and Luna K were giving it all they had and they were certainly leaving their mark on one another whenever they were on top.

It was a classic back and forth encounter too with neither of these talents able to dominate the other for prolonged periods of the match, instead exchanging some expertly earned tap outs along the way.

They fought hard right until the very end and both Bambi and Luna K were exhausted by their incredible efforts by the end of it.

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