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Axel vs Ruby Lix

There is always extra spice to a match when it involves two of our talented Shiny Pro Ring Girls meeting for the very first time.

A confident Axel strides over to Ruby and tells her that she treats Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain as her “office” in which she is the boss in what was probably an attempt at intimidating her rival.

But if Ruby was worried, she hid it very well as she was the first to go on the attack, ignoring Axel’s attempt to instigate a test of strength and instead trapping her slightly bigger opponent in a crushing head lock before taking her down to the canvas.

If the self-proclaimed boss didn’t know it before, Ruby Lix had demonstrated she was in a real fight!

But Axel has the talent to back her grand words up and she soon gave Ruby a taste of what she is all about when she locked on a crushing body scissor of her own.

Game well and truly on and they soon started trading impressive moves as they looked to cause maximum damage on each other!

We saw ankle locks, camel clutches, head locks, knees to the gut, tests of strength, bear hugs, boots to the throat and combination holds as the action hotted up and the desire to win increased in Axel and Ruby.

It was a brilliant back and forth encounter as both ladies were able to go through their impressive repertoire of holds and strikes which had the very much intended impact each time they were used

The match was so even it was unclear which one of Ruby or Axel would end up victorious as they fought hard right to the end.

One of the girls did eventually come out on top and she most certainly enjoyed celebrating at her rival’s expense!

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