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Axel destroys Chicken Boy Dave

When you think of kings of wrestling rings, the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and The Rock might spring to mind.

Chicken Boy Dave isn’t someone you’d put in the same company as those legends but he proudly and confidently tells his rival - the gorgeous Axel - that he is wrestling royalty when he steps into Monica’s Ring of Pain!

Of course, Axel isn’t impressed in the slightest and after she finishes laughing, she tells him in no uncertain terms what she thinks of this outlandish claim.

Things don’t get any better for him either as Axel continues her assault along with taunts mocking his earlier claims - she is as brutal with her tongue as she is with her wrestling moves!

Axel is enjoying every second of making Chicken Boy cry out in pain and she stalks him, waiting for the optimum moment to strike and increase his agony and discomfort.

She throws and flips him to the canvas throughout, she stretches his limbs to points they are not supposed to be stretched to and of course, the skilled beauty utilises plenty of her wrestling moves to pick him apart.

The “king” is looking anything but royal as Axel makes him submit over and over. She doesn’t just want to beat him, she wants to humiliate him and break him and that is exactly what she does!

Mercifully for Chicken Boy, this one is over fairly quickly and it is Axel looking like a Queen over the pauper’s broken and battered body!

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