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Alora Lux vs Foxxie

There are some matches at Monica’s Wrestling Centre which get us all excited before the girls have even set foot into the arena and this is one that certainly fit that bill.

Two beauties in the shape of Alora Lux and Foxxie, looking like a good, even match for one another going all at it in the confines of the small and tight space that is the Mats of Doom Room was always going to be a tasty prospect!

And they most certainly didn’t disappoint. A polite handshake hid their obvious desire to wrestle and so they didn’t hang about and were soon locked in combat desperately seeking an early advantage.

It also didn’t take long before they were down on the ground, squeezing each other like boa constrictors as they sought those all important submissions.

Their grunting and groaning and cries of pain throughout showed the sheer effort they were putting in and both Alora Lux and Foxxie left their marks on one another for sure.

And there was a lot of back and forth action too as both ladies enjoyed their time in the ascendency and earned tap outs from the other who was always reluctant to give them!

We saw head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, head locks, breast smothers, a variety of pins and combination holds throughout as the quality of the wrestling on show matched the intensity of each woman’s desire for victory.

The odd barbed trash talking also helped enhance the tension too! They battled hard all over the tight space and it was hard to tell which of these gorgeous grapplers would eventually emerge victorious - with the one who did very happy of course!

Both Alora Lux and Foxxie squeezed every ounce of energy they had out of themselves to help them squeeze the life out of each other too!

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