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Alora Lux dominates Dave

Let’s face it, there has never been a time when we have given Chicken Boy Dave even a glimmer of hope when he goes up against any of the MWC girls.

But when one of those girls steps up to him on the mats with fury in her eyes refusing to allow him even a second to get any of his usual trash talk out, then we know things are going to be bleak for him!

Gorgeous Alora isn’t here to play. Calling our little hero trash and telling him how Monica has filled her in on who he is, she throws him to the floor to kick off his ordeal with some style.

But he has a smart tactic to soften her anger and make her laugh - he decides to try and attack her, prompting a dismissive laugh and more jibes from his beautiful opponent.

Chicken Boy is more like a rabbit stuck in the headlights struggling to keep up with her speed and the power of Alora’s attacks which are all designed to make him suffer as much as possible.

She mocks him, she taunts him, she humiliates him as she takes him apart and he has no answer to the onslaught.

Alora traps him in head lock, body scissors, arm bars, school girl pins, figure four locks, breast smothers and combination holds and - sure enough - the submissions are soon flowing.

Something else that flows too is the sound of agony coming out of his mouth with all the moans and groans and cries of pain.

Chicken Boy probably didn’t expect to be pulverised in this way, given Alora is fairly new to the sport, but she battered him like any seasoned professional would!

It comes as and surprise when Weedy Man is left out at the end by this brilliant beauty!

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