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Alexia v Cheetah

The introduction of the Mats of Doom Room at MWC has coincided with an influx of talented young gorgeous starlets, heralding a new era at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

And two of these exciting wrestlers decided to face off in that very room for an intriguing and rather tasty looking match-up!

Cheetah has been improving and developing at the rate of knots since bursting on the scene and is constantly getting better while Alexia, although a fresh face to MWC, was keen to showcase her impressive skills.

And what made things even more exciting right from the start was it was clear these pair were just itching to get their hands on each other and get it on!

Within seconds they were battling all over the floor, trying to get the upper hand on one another and inflict as much dominance and pain on the other to get those all important submissions.

We saw both Cheetah and Alexia deliver vicious head locks, body scissors, chokes, pins and bear hugs in the pursuit of victory.

Soon though, one of the girls got the upper hand and relished the opportunity to deliver all kinds of pain on her foe, who screamed in pain and moaned and groaned as she suffered.

There were plenty of smiles along the way too - they might have been suffering but the thrill of the contest was clear on both of their beautiful faces.

Both Alexia and Cheetah had worked up a sweat either attacking or fending off assaults and neither of these two proud fighters really wanted to lose this one.

But there was a clear winner by the end of this contest and you could see by the sheer joy on her face that she was delighted with the success while her victim was left to ponder what might have been!

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