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Ina Black vs Jelly - Squash Match

Gorgeous Jelly certainly wowed the crowds at the recent MWC September Event and mixed wrestling party as the new girl on the block making her debut.

But while she dealt with those challenges with enthusiasm and skill, she found herself in an altogether bigger and monumental challenge on the MWC mats - taking on the legendary Ina Black.

And sure enough, Ina is not impressed with the smaller opponent standing the other side from her in this match. She laughs, she mocks and calls her “Chicken Girl” - demonstrating exactly what she thinks of the new girl.

Jelly is understandably annoyed by this and determined to prove Ina and any other doubters wrong. Sadly, Ina is not in a giving mood here!

Ina easily gets her down to the mats and gets on top of her - first inflicting serious agony to her arm before practically folding her up in a pin and making the distressed Jelly tap out for the first time.

Unfortunately for Jelly, there are many more times as Ina hasn’t even got anywhere close to getting into her stride in this “contest”.

The Bulgarian beauty decides to showcase all the skills and strength that has made her such a force to be reckoned with. She catches Jelly in figure four locks, arm bars, body scissors, a variety of pins, arm locks, head scissors and often a combination of many of these.

Jelly is often left with no choice but to tap out in the face of this onslaught. She shrieks out in pain and agony throughout the whole match too while Ina just continues to laugh at her - ensuring the trauma is greater for her smaller foe, who unsurprisingly ends up laid out.

Jelly will face many challenges in her wrestling career but none quite so huge as battling Ina Black!

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