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Lana Luxor vs Diana

It’s always a thrill to get a visiting wrestler on the MWC mats but when we get two of them at the same time, then the excitement is off the scale!

This was a mouth-watering prospect from the moment Diana and Lana were pitted against each other in a European v American contest between two gorgeous and talented wrestlers.

Diana had a size advantage but she knew very well she was up against a strong and skilled wrestler in Lana and the respect was mutual as they sized each other up and tested each other out in the early moments.

Almost immediately, we were on the edge of seats intrigued by the battle unfolding on the mats as both tried to impose their talent on the other.

Finally, one of them scored a hard-fought breakthrough when she managed to secure an arm lock on her stubborn opponent to force her to reluctantly tap out.

It was clearly going to be an interesting and hotly-contested fight and neither of these two proud wrestlers wanted to just roll over and let the other dominate her and both gave it their all during every single move.

But one started to rack up the submissions in her favour as she took full advantage by executing head locks, arm locks, cross body pins and combinations.

It wasn’t easy - both girls were sweating and breathing heavily as they gave it their all in this absorbing contest. And it was all battled out in a fabulous, sporting and good spirit with the respect clear between the two of them.

But in the end there was a clear winner, who was understandably delighted with a great win. Did Europe or USA take the honours? Download to find out!

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