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Ina v London Squash Match

“Are you joking? What are you doing here?!” Legendary Ina Black has taken on and destroyed many of the wrestlers in the scene and she is not impressed with the challenge presented to her by London.

The little blonde seems miffed at this slur and appears to be all the more determined to prove to her bigger rival that this is anything but a “joke”!

However, she soon realises the enormity of the task ahead for her when Ina stands her ground and challenges London to try to take her - something London fails to achieve! Ina’s laughter only serves to wind London up even more.

But when Ina does get down to the serious business at hand, London finds things get far worse for her as the Bulgarian starts to inflict a whole world of pain on her.

London is left reeling from a series of moves including pins, scissors and arm bars that have her grimacing in pain. Ina easily lifts her up or throws her around the mats at will, completely dominating the young upstart who had dared to come and challenge her in her own domain.

London is a strong and feisty little lady but she is helpless at the hands of a bigger, stronger and vastly experienced opponent, who constantly mocks and spanks her smaller foe!

Soon, the MWC arena is full of moans and groans from London as Ina works her over good and proper and leaves her suffering some serious pain.

Of course, the submissions start to flow as Ina works her way through her full repertoire to demonstrate to London how silly her early confidence was.

The end is a relief for London as she finishes well beaten and destroyed while Ina celebrates her perfect one-sided beat down with a victory pose over her foe.

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