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Jet v Spidermouth

Spidermouth might be dressed up as his favourite superhero but he was clearly the one facing the tougher challenge as he took on the incredible Jet!

And to be fair to him, he manages to resist her…for a minute! After a brief battle on their feet, the action goes down to the mats and they roll around before Jet finally gets on top.

She taunts him about his decision to come to the MWC mats to beat her and then puts him in an excruciating grapevine pin. “That’ll do!” he desperately says as he taps out!

Jet isn’t in a forgiving move though and refuses to let him off easily and continues to punish him. Eventually, she has to release him though as he finds her way too hot to handle and needs a short break to cool down!

But, credit where credit is due, the masked fighter is back at it as soon as he can. Only he comes straight back into a determined Jet who catches him in an arm bar that looks incredibly painful!

Jet laughs at him, taunts him and admonishes him for tapping too soon. She’s clearly having fun dominating him and reminding him of his post-fight comments about how he was going to win!

Amongst the fun and taunts, Jet displays her incredible range of moves - demonstrating exactly why she is so highly regarded in the scene.

She pins him, traps him in scissors and figure four locks and triangles. She works him over from top to bottom and to give Spidermouth his due, he keeps coming back and trying - despite his ‘overheating’ issues in his superhero suit.

But his groans and screams of pain leave you in no doubt about how well he is actually doing and just how much Jet is dominating him.

The ending is just as brutal as the rest of the match - Jet forcing her feet under Spidermouth’s mask and making him kiss them!

If you are a fan of domination videos - especially seeing a superhero getting his butt kicked by a beautiful, skilled female - then this is for you!

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