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Eli dominates Bert - rematch

Despite being well and truly beaten the last time these two met on the MWC mats, Bert clearly fancies his chances in a rematch in the ring!

But exciting Eli is one of the hot new wrestling talents on the scene and is keen to prove a point and show she is a force to be reckoned with. And Bert found out the hard way (again!) that she is the real deal!

Eli has got Bert right where she wants him

The beautiful Bulgarian is quick to take control and it isn’t that long before Bert is tapping out for the first time - a vicious arm bar resulting in his face becoming a picture of agony!

Bert comes again but despite his efforts to get a foothold in this match, he is simply outgunned and outwitted by the quick and flexible Eli! A headlock making him tap again.

The pattern continues as she quickly increases her lead with a couple of body scissor and guillotine combinations!

Bery deserves credit - he keeps coming back and does his best to resist and defend when Eli is in full flow. But there is a gulf of class between these two!

Eli is a very busy and energetic wrestler, constantly looking for openings and ways in which she can lock on and make him tap out!

Night night Bert

By the midway point of the match, Bert is clearly struggling but Eli is remorseless and keeps up her attacks - much to beleaguered Bert’s dismay!

When Eli has finished twisting him like a pretzel, she sends him to sleep and celebrates with a well deserved domination victory pose over his prone body. We’re not expecting Bert to come rushing back to face her anytime soon!

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