Welcome to Ivy

I am an athletic yet curvy english girl who will destroy you with my scissor holds, focusing mainly on fantasy style wrestling and domination. I love a good fight and holding you down until you surrender, totally at my mercy... my legs wrapped around you slowly  crushing you.

I love sitting on your face so that you cant breath and smothering you with my breasts, drowning you in my feminine curves. I always play to limits and am respectful and love a good chat and some fun! but beating up boys is a genuine passion of mine.

I am pretty strong, and in my spare time practice circus skills and training at the gym, so I can put up a good fight, although prefer fantasy wrestling to semi competitive.

If your into punch play I love wearing boxing gloves, punching, and ball busting if your into that is a passion of mine. I can play to hard levels or also do more fun silly things like holding you down and tickling you. So if your looking for a fun girl to beat you up! and have a laugh with I am most probably the right girl for you.


Height: 5ft 5inchs

Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)

Shoe size: 5.5

 To book a session with Ivy , email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505

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