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Rogue vs Black Diamond

The brilliant and beautiful Black Diamond has a way of eyeing up her opponents in the same way a big cat eyes up its prey shortly before pouncing and making a remorseless catch.

And that is exactly how she stares down ravishing Rogue who is her latest rival in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

“Let’s see what you’ve got” sounds doubly menacing when it comes from an imposing figure such as Black Diamond and she is soon straight on the attack looking to exert herself on a startled Rogue in the early stages.

Rogue is a very talented up and coming wrestler but even she cannot do much when she is being twisted up into pretzel shapes against her will in the centre of the ring.

But Rogue isn’t there to make up the numbers and be cannon fodder for the bigger girl - she is soon on the attack herself with particularly impressive body scissors and reminding Black Diamond that she is in for a fight.

Every time Black Diamond thinks she is taking control of the blonde, Rogue manages to get herself free and put her opponent in a world of pain as the fight shapes up into an exciting contest between two determined women.

There is some fabulous action in the form of camel cluthes, arm bars, grapevine pins, breast smothers, scissors, knees to the belly and below, choke holds and plenty of trash talking!

It is clear neither wants to lose this one and the action gets hotter and harder with each passing minute of the contest. And judging by the screams of pain from each of them, both Rogue and Black Diamond certainly feel it!

When the final winning submission comes, it comes in brutal style and gives us a fitting end to a thrilling fight!

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