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Rogue Destroys Andrew

“It’s going to be over for you in two seconds!” No need to clean out your ears, you’re not hearing things - Andrew really did utter these words to Rogue as she faced off on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

We don’t know if he suffered a bump on the head in his last match for us and was still suffering the after effects but he seemed genuinely confident and even chuckled as he delivered this line and sprang into action trying to take his beautiful foe down.

Rogue didn’t move a muscle. In fact, not only did Andrew miserably fail in his takedown attempt but he ended up being thrown - with some contempt - to the ground by his superior rival!

She was clearly amused by his opening line but there was no joking when it came to inflicting pain on Andrew as she went to town on taking him apart!

The laughing and bold predictions were soon consigned to the dustbin as the talented redhead worked him over with ease and really made him suffer.

She got him in body scissors, arm bars, head locks, head scissors and a variety of combination holds which had Andrew struggling within a nanosecond of them being locked on.

Considering he had vowed to finish Rogue off in two seconds, Andrew spent the entire time moaning and groaning and struggling to cope with the onslaught he was being subjected to by his superior opponent.

And Rogue took great pleasure in telling him how badly he was doing whilst she badly beat him up for daring to even challenge her.

Andrew’s best moment came at the end when it was all over as he had failed to even lay an imaginary glove on Rogue, who delivered a delightful bit of sarcasm as she celebrated over his prone body!

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1 Comment

Wow she is really brutal and beautiful !!!

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