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Orsi B dominates Dave

Despite the many beatings he has suffered on the MWC mats or in the ring, Dave shows his incredible bravery by constantly coming back to take on the girls!

This time Orsi B is the one looking him up and down from across the mats and asking if he is up for the fight. Dave said he is and it’s on!

And he shows he really is well up for the fight as he tries to take the attack to Orsi! But this only prompts Orsi to laugh “He’s so cute, he’s trying so much” before she herself takes control of the brave little warrior.

She takes him down with a headlock and soon starts showing him who is boss by making him squirm and suffer as a result of her smother and grapevine pin combination.

Orsi sounds like a Bond villain as she gives a running commentary while face sitting him into another submission.

She has many skills and isn’t shy about showing them, catching his head between her luscious long legs and squeezing the life out of him.

Orsi is cold and calculated but, at the same time, she is relentless with her attacks as they flow one after the other with Dave left struggling to catch his breath between submissions.

Her laughter infuriates Dave but he is powerless to do anything about it as Orsi continues to demonstrate all the moves she knows such as cross-body pins, arm bars, figure-four locks, head locks and face sits.

This is a real demonstration of domination wrestling from the talented Eastern European who clearly enjoys herself from the start to the very finish of this encounter. Dave meanwhile looks completely destroyed!

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