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Michaela Destroys Rex

It is always a surprise (and somewhat amusing) when a man is full of confidence when he steps onto the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats to face one of the talented girls on the roster.

Take this match for example. Michaela asks if Rex is sure he wants to do this as they face off and he doesn’t hesitate in telling her - with a big smile on his face - that he very much wants it!

And why shouldn’t he? He’s bigger than her and the fact he is brimming with confidence and determination should hold him in good stead to put Michaela in her place, right?

Of course not! Despite his spirit and his willingness to throw himself at her, Rex soon finds himself trapped in a vicious guillotine and, on Michaela’s behest, he taps out for the first following her count of three!

Within a couple of minutes, Rex is looking like a spent man whilst Michaela is just getting warmed up and having so much fun at his struggling expense! At one point, she even has him trapped in a schoolgirl pin while she tries to prevent a potential wardrobe malfunction!

Her running commentary as she takes him apart can’t have been good for Rex’s crumbling ego either!

She takes him apart using camel clutches, arm bars, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, head scissors and combination holds which earn her plenty of tap outs and earns him plenty of pain!

Rex’s early bravado and confidence seems a distant memory as Michaela continues to have her wicked way with him and makes him suffer through her relentless beatdown.

Michaela totally breaks him physically and mentally by the end and enjoys celebrating over his completely battered body with Rex left with no option but to accept her is weaker! A fantastic mixed wrestling beatdown!

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