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Madame Curie dominates Chicken Boy - rematch

We’d long come to the conclusion that Chicken Boy Dave has a death wish with the way he keeps coming to MWC to take on far superior women in the ring but even this one shocked us.

Such was the domination of Madame Curie when they first faced each other on our mats, we thought Chicken Boy would hide from her for the rest of life after she left him unconscious.

But here he is again, entering the MWC Ring of Pain where Madame Curie is minding her own business and working out to challenge the gorgeous German to a rematch.

She understandably is not impressed to see him and immediately starts laughing and taunting him, reminding him about how she kicked his ass the first time around!

And she leaps straight into action, shoving him against the ropes before grabbing him as she rebounds into her clutches for another painful lesson in wrestling!

Behind the glorious smile she wears throughout the match is a mean, powerful fighter with an insatiable appetite for eating wimps like Chicken Boy up and then spitting him out.

He suffers big time again as Madame Curie puts him through the ringer with head locks, figure four locks, head scissors, body scissors, chokes, face sits and combinations of different moves.

She gets even more brutal than last time as she uses all kinds of fighting moves including hard knees to his belly or applying pressure with her foot on his throat.

The trash talk and taunts seems even more brutal than in the first match too - which is some achievement!

Chicken Boy could offer nothing as Madame Curie remorselessly took him apart and it was really no surprise to find him face down and out cold again by the end of this one!

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