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Jaki Destroys Bert - Rematch

Let’s be honest, it’s brave for any man to agree to step and face the incredibly skilled and powerful Jaki in a wrestling match and they do deserve our praise for doing so.

But it’s probably fair to say it’s stupid for any man to come looking for a rematch against her having had his butt handed to him in the previous contest!

The man in this case is Bert who leaps over the top rope of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain to proudly declare he has come for his rematch against the brilliant Jaki. She is unconcerned about his confidence and just agrees to give him what he is asking for.

Well, we say that but we’re not sure he was actually asking to be completely destroyed! Jaki soon has him down on the canvas with his head trapped between her powerful thighs!

“How is your rematch?” The sarcasm is dripping from Jaki's mouth as she utters these words which were barely audible above the loud moans and groans coming from a beleaguered Bert who couldn’t free his head from the crush!

But if he thought things were bad right now, much worse was to follow for him as the gifted and relentless Jaki hadn’t even got going yet!

She trapped him in body scissors, head locks, schoolgirl pins, head scissors, crossbody pins, arm bars and combination holds which brought about the tap outs and desperate cries of anguish she so desired.

We’d love to say Bert had his moments and put Jaki in a few tight spots and made her work hard for the submissions she earned but that would be a beaten lie!

Of course, the result is beyond any doubt after the first few seconds but that doesn’t mean Jaki can’t enjoy her victory over his battered body at the end!

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