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Gabi vs Bambi

Beautiful Bambi is a strong and talented wrestler who has certainly wowed whenever she has strutted her stuff at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

But she faced one of her biggest challenges she has had to date when she found herself up against the powerful gorgeous Gabi in the tight, restricted space that is the venue’s Mats of Doom Room!

But like her opponent, Bambi is fearless and always up for a challenge and she was never going to shirk this one!

And right away, it was abundantly clear that these two proud and gifted grapplers had come to fight and we knew we had a match on our hands and were in for a treat when they immediately went for each other in a bid to gain early control.

Gabi has a size advantage over her rival but Bambi seemed determined not to let this have any impact on the match itself and, as a result, the action was back and forth right from the start.

Both ladies started enjoying success as they secured those all important submissions by utilising their magnificent skills.

And as the submissions flowed for both, the tension rose in the room with each lady ramping the pressure up as the match wore on.

We were treated to body scissors, head locks, arm bars, face sitting, cross body pins, head scissors, guillotines, grapevine pins and combination moves which clearly took their toll on the victim!

But, while a number of tap outs were earned, they both showed how tough they are by resisting the temptation to give when put in so many sticky situations.

The pursuit of victory was clearly driving both Gabi and Bambi on and they seemed prepared to leave all they had on the mats to achieve it. And this is a thrilling battle which went all the way!

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