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Eva vs Autumn Rose

Before these pair of incredibly gifted pro wrestlers had even stepped into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain, we knew we were in for a real treat with this fight!

With beautiful, power and skills in abundance, pitting Eva against Autumn Rose promised a thoroughly entertaining and hard fought encounter and that is exactly what they served up to us here.

Autumn Rose came into saying she felt good after her warm up but her rival Eva was not impressed and promised she won’t be feeling so good at the end of this contest!

They locked up and we could see they were well matched as they took it in turns to force the other into the corner turnbuckle and demonstrate they were there to win.

Right from the get go, we were treated to their super skills and ability to operate at a high intensity and great speed as they battled all over the square circle.

There were excellent throws and take downs, inventive arm bars, leg drops, numerous pin attempts and roll ups, plenty of underhand tricks and resourceful uses of the ropes and corner turnbuckles.

There is a lot of noise throughout as they grunt, groan and cry out in pain and effort desperately trying to claim the win.

We feel dizzy watching them, especially during one sequence where they roll about exchanging roll up after roll up and only being thwarted at the last second!

As the fight continues, both Eva and Autumn Rose prove they can take it as well as dish out as they are subjected to some serious punishment but always coming back for more!

It’s a spectacular Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ encounter which sees both these athletes showcase their immense talents.

And after a truly punishing war, one of the ladies comes out on top leaving the other in agony on the canvas!

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