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Eva Ray Humiliates Chicken Boy

There is always something incredibly thrilling about unleashing a gorgeous new talent on to the scene - and Eva Ray is certainly someone to get excited about.

All of us here at MWC could see the diminutive, beautiful fighter was straining at the leash and desperate to show off her talents on our mats and she certainly did not disappoint in her first outing for us.

Chicken Boy Dave didn’t seem too impressed as he faced off against that rarity - a fighter who is smaller than he is - as he dismissed her with a “who is this new lady?” said in a disdainful way.

But exquisite Eva was certainly happy to show him exactly who she is when she grabbed hold of him and threw down on to the mats with enthusiasm and a lot of ease!

She even pinned him down to the mat with her foot on the face, a devilish smile on her face as she told our hapless hero that it was nice to meet him.

Things just got worse for Chicken Boy as Little Eva showed off the big talent she already possesses as she inflicted a world of pain on him in a variety of ways.

She school girl pinned him, she trapped him in head scissors, she made him suffer with grapevines, tormented him with her feet and she twisted him up with ease at any point she felt like it!

Chicken Boy did a lot of moaning and groaning and it didn't take him long to realise that, despite her size, she was fast and strong and way too much for him to handle!

Of course, the submissions were coming at a fast rate and Eva Ray was having way too much fun as she beat his ass!

An incredible introduction to an incredible talent - Chicken Boy won’t forget this in a hurry!

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