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Axel vs Bitch Cassidy

It’s amazing to think that two of the scenes rising stars who have graced Monica’s Wrestling Centre so many times have never met each other in the Ring of Pain.

But that was the case for gorgeous girls Axel and Bitch Cassidy as they squared off against one another in this delicious Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter!

And boy were they chomping at the bit to get their hands on one another. Neither lacks confidence and both have the skills and it was clear they had been waiting for an opportunity to show their ability off and get their hands on each other!

The initial smiles soon gave way to barbed comments and this resulted in shoving and pushing - and the fight was well and truly on!

You could tell they were both up for this and we were in for a humdinger as first Axel got the upper hand before finding the roles reversed by Bitch Cassidy who then enjoyed her time in the ascendency.

They certainly weren’t sticking to traditional wrestling rules either. There were plenty of punches and kicks as both Axel and Bitch Cassidy wanted to exert their authority and come out on top with the bragging rights.

There were scissors and head locks as well as more kicks and punches, with both ladies utilising the ropes and corner turnbuckles to great effect in their quest to punish their foe.

The screams and moans in pain certainly were a testament to the impact their attacks were having on one another as neither was shy about getting brutal.

Each time it looked as if either Axel or Bitch Cassidy had taken control, the other would fight back strong and show she had plenty of fight left!

But by the end there was a clear winner and she achieved it in the most eye-wateringly brutal fashion!

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