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Autumn Rose Dominates Russ

The glorious Autumn Rose never needs an invitation to kick the butt of a sad male brave enough to take her on so she is more than in her element here on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

Russ is the brave soul who squares up to her here and it isn’t long before he discovers that was a very big mistake on his part as the lively Autumn Rose immediately springs into action and goes on the attack.

She is soon going through her full repertoire of moves which have him either gasping for air or screaming in agony depending on the predicament he finds himself in.

What probably added to his misery was the trash talk and commentary Autumn Rose subjects him to throughout the battle as she is clearly enjoying making him suffer and putting him through the mill!

Russ tries to resist and fight back and even resorts to getting underhand and cheating to get out of sticky situations but she is too quick and too wise to him and makes him suffer even more as a result.

He is made to endure body scissors, head locks, arm bars, breast smothers, head scissors, grapevine pins, chokeholds and combination holds which leave him in sheer agony.

Autumn Rose, for her part, is clearly enjoying herself and just ramps up the pressure with every passing minute!

She is relentless too - moving from move to move in the blink of an eye and not letting up the pressure at any point which just adds to the punishment Russ is having to ensure throughout this match.

To say he is outmatched is the understatement of the year and he can do nothing to stop Autumn brutally taking him apart. She enjoys it though and she ends it in a truly humiliating way for her poor victim!

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