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Alora Lux vs Warrior

Alluring Alora Lux is a confident fighter who is getting better and better with each match she participates in at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

But she was certainly going to be put to the test when she faced off against the imposing and super strong beauty that is Warrior in the confined space of the Mats of Doom Room!

Now, Alora is brave and there was no way she’d ever duck any challenge she faced but even she looked slightly apprehensive when the pair of them locked up for the first time.

Warrior boasts some seriously impressive muscles and she has the skills and power to back them up and she was soon in control and putting her younger rival through her paces, getting the first submissions with a head lock and body scissors combination.

Things didn’t get any easier for Alora Lux as Warrior started to go through her full arsenal of weaponry but the gorgeous Alora wasn’t fazed and kept doing her best to not only fight out of holds but try to get on the offensive herself.

And sure enough, when it looked as if Warrior was going to overwhelm her throughout the whole contest, Alora showed exactly what she is about by getting a submission with a reverse head scissor!

It was the perfect way to tell Warrior she wasn’t there to be cannon fodder for her and that she was in a fight after all!

There were body scissors, head locks, guillotines, camel clutches, arm bars, grapevine pins, bear hugs and combination holds as the two of them went at it hard and fast on the mats.

By the end, you could see how much effort they had put in as both Alora and Warrior were glistening with sweat from their endeavours. There was plenty of mutual respect too!

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