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Lina vs Athena - Gi Feet

Some matches look exciting on paper and then deliver even more than we expected and that is certainly the case with this battle!

Experienced wrestlers and martial artists Lina and Athena donned their Gis and battled it out on the MWC mats in this fascinating and exciting encounter between the two talented beauties.

There was clearly mutual respect between the two but you could also sense the tension as they locked up, grabbing each other’s gear, and starting the match in earnest.

It was also clear that this was a great match up as both Lina and Athena worked hard to try to get the all important opening to attack and they cancelled each other out in the early moments.

But once the action went to the mats - boy we were treated to some outstanding grappling as the action swung one way and then the other as the luscious ladies fought hard!

At first it seemed Lina was going to get the advantage and Athena looked in trouble, but the dark-haired English MMA fighter is made of stern stuff and she turned the tables on the Swedish bombshell.

Neither was going to have things easy but neither were they going to just submit at the first sign of trouble - they are warriors as well as skilled fighters!

When the breakthrough came, it was well earned and well deserved but even the girl who got it was left looking shocked at the sheer strength of her rival.

But this didn’t stem the flow of the action though and the scores were soon level when one lady planted her feet firmly in the face of her rival and forced the submission!

This set up the rest of the match very nicely and we were treated to some immense fighting from two gifted fighters!

There was a winner at the end but both ladies left everything they had on the mats! A must have for your collections!

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