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Ashley Rider v Warrior

German Warrior is one incredible athlete - big, strong and blessed with enormous combat talent.

So we couldn’t help but pit her against the determined powerhouse that is Scotland’s Ashley Rider in this mouth-watering battle on the MWC mats!

And if Warrior thought she was going to have it easy against the smaller blonde, then she was given a quick lesson as they locked up and Ashley went to work with a nasty looking guillotine!

Warrior gave as good as she got though and it was clear that this was going to be an absolute titanic tussle between the proud fighters.

They were rolling around the mats trying to impose themselves on to each other while battling out of predicaments they found themselves in.

Eventually, it was a kimura lock by Warrior that drew the first submission after an impressive battle. This didn’t change things too much though as both of these carried on in the breath-taking fashion they’d started in.

However, as the match wore on Warrior’s size advantage and experience was starting to count as she got her legs and arms to work and force reluctant but inevitable submissions out of the Glaswegian.

Warrior was having to give it her all though and Ashley kept on coming and fighting back as hard as she could to make sure Warrior knew she had a lot of work to do to earn victory!

Both ladies were sweating and breathing heavily as a result of their exertions with continued at a high pace right until the very end of the battle.

In fact, they seemed ready to keep on going for a lot longer when the end of the match was actually called as they were so engrossed in the contest! A brilliant match between two beautiful battlers!

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