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Pippa L'Vinn vs Rocko

Wrestling icon Pippa L’vinn has built up her incredible reputation after many distinguished years in the scene.

She has also picked up plenty of sneaky tricks along the way and poor Rocko who bravely (or should that be foolishly) finds out the hard way!

Pippa offers up her hand to start with before flipping him the bird as he goes to reciprocate. Gullible Rocko falls for her sneakiness again when she invites him in for a test of strength, only to punch him in the stomach instead and take control!

Pippa armbars Rocko

But be under no illusion - Pippa is a phenomenal wrestler and has plenty of skills in her locker without having to resort to dirty tactics.

Rocko immediately finds this out as he is trapped in one of her headscissors. It isn’t long before he is tapping out. Pippa taunts him and demands he raises the volume on his submissions because “she likes it loud!”

She is a busy and energetic wrestler and gives Rocko absolutely no chance to catch his breath - she has one thing on her mind and that is to punish him!

Poor Rocko finds himself caught in an arm bar, figure four head lock, wrist locks, camel clutches alongside some rather painful looking punches and slaps.

Such is her domination, Pippa starts giving Rocko an impromptu tutorial on her array of excruciating moves and he certainly learns his lesson the hard way.

His torment continues as Pippa face sits him, catches him in reverse body scissors, executes a perfect ankle lock and even spanks him on the backside.

Rocko isn't going anywhere

Pippa is relentless and Rocko must have been thinking that his torment would never end, especially when Pippa utilised every inch of the ring to torture him.

Rocko is left in no doubt where his place is by the end while Pippa fires a warning shot to any other man thinking of daring to take her on at MWC!

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