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Babyface v Jade & Serenity Steele

Turf wars only ever result in one thing and that is nasty confrontations and that’s what we are presented with here.

Serenity Steele is berating new kid on the block Babyface for being in her manor as well as criticising her attire.

Tension builds and it isn’t long before they are aiming kicks at each other, especially aiming for the target right between the legs!

Babyface vs Serenity Steele & Jade

Babyface isn’t intimidated and hits the bullseye to give her the advantage over Serenity, who is writhing around in pain on the floor.

But brave Babyface didn’t reckon on Serenity’s equally evil friend Jade showing up and coming to the aid of her pal. Soon Babyface finds herself having to fend off a badass double team who are only interested in teaching her a lesson!

The taunts from Jade and Serenity flow and they start working in tandem to give the spirited Babyface - who refuses to go down quietly - more than she can handle.

Kicks and knees to Babyface’s sensitive region rain in from Jade while Serenity holds their victim to stop her escaping.

Jade & Serenity Steele nurse their injured crotches while Babyface looks on

Despite being numbered, however, Babyface proves she is up for a fight whatever the odds and is soon giving them a taste of their own medicine and leaving them on the deck feeling sore.

The duo do their best to subdue and punish Babyface but she has other ideas and continues to fight with all she has.

But do Jade and Serenity finally get their own way with her or does Babyface defy the odds and show them who’s boss?

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