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Megan Jones Dominates

We were absolutely delighted to welcome the magnificent Megan from Miami on to our MWC mats during her tour of the UK.

But she was even more delighted to get to strut her stuff and show us Brits exactly what she is made of.

Megan Jones facesitting

“So you’re the little wimp they have for me to play with?” is about as ominous as an introduction can be! The follow up punch to her victim’s belly is truly vicious!

Megan is in an angry mood having heard all the smack that her opponent had been talking about American girls not knowing how to scissor! He must have had a death wish as she traps his head between her thighs and starts squeezing the life out of him. It takes less than a minute for him to submit to her scissor!

Megan Jones scissors him

There is no let up from this amazon though as she gets right into demonstrating all the skills and power she possesses.

“Us Brit guys are tough!” is the desperate claim from her opponent but this is given the short shrift it deserves from a relentless Megan, who has her victim in an incredible figure four lock.

And her trash talk and taunts are almost as vicious as her moves as she sets about making him her “little scissor bitch”!

She is more than just a scissor queen though. A kick to the belly and a foot smother to the “pipsqueak’s” face demonstrating that in gloriously nasty style!

But there is no doubting that his outrageous taunt about her and her fellow Americans’ inability to execute scissors rankles with her and she leaves him in no doubt about just how wrong he is.

Her victim finds himself trapped between Megan’s powerful thighs time after time and left with no choice but to submit.

She also smothers him, face sits him and gets him in nasty head locks that leave him gasping for air. He is also forced to worship her feet.

Megan gets brutal with every passing minute and she is as dominating as one person can possibly be in a domination video!

She cranks up the humiliation too - at one point making him her little horse and forcing him to take her for a ride around the mats!

Mercifully for her victim. The match comes to an end…but not after she has finished doing absolutely anything she wanted to do with him!

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