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Combat Swallow dominates Released

I've just released a new video on my Wrestling & Domination Store featuring the amazing Combat Swallow you can buy it here

Bulgarian beauty Combat Swallow is quickly making a name for herself since flying into Monica’s Wrestling Centre a short while back.

She might be small but the quick and agile fighter sure packs a mean punch - as her victim in this video found out to his own cost!

The match starts and he looks up for the challenge…for about 10 seconds! He is taken down and trapped in a vicious head scissor that soon has him tapping out.

“Are you ok?” A concerned Swallow asks him. But if her opponent thought this was a sign of weakness and a lack of killer instinct, then he was very much mistaken.

After establishing he is ok, Swallow went straight for him again and this time had him scream out in agony with a body scissor that looked incredibly painful!

Swallow is always alert and always ready to swoop on her prey and her opponent certainly knew this and became more and more wary as the match went on.

She, on the other hand, was loving every second of it and letting out rather cute and adorable giggles as she dealt with him.

We suspect he wasn’t finding her cute and adorable though as she twisted him up like a pretzel and inflicted pain on him in a variety of ways.

Along with some fine wrestling moves, Swallow wasn’t averse to punching, kicking and taunting her victim too as he battled in vain to escape her clutches.

But, above all else, Swallow is an ever improving wrestler and proud to show off her skills including reverse head scissors, arm bars, pins and more crushing body scissors.

By the end, he was a quivering wreck while Swallow enjoyed a well earned victory pose over his prone body!

Combat Swallow Dominates

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