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Welcome to Luna!

We're delighted to welcome the lovely Luna as a session wrestler at MWC!

Luna is an independent wrestler based in London. She trains MMA, BJJ, Freestyle wrestling, Muay Thai and loves a bit of olympic lifting. 

She loves nothing more than rolling around, getting sweaty and making new friends/enemies on the mats. Come and try your luck with her if you're brave enough!

Luna is 5ft 7 (170 cm), and weighs 154 lb (70 kg).

From "Luna is extraordinary. She is unusually strong with incredible biceps and thigh muscles, but very feminine, not like a bodybuilder. You can immediately feel the power in her body ... She completely controls you through strength and holds, including scissors and triangles ... She welcomes fighting back, although it makes no difference – it just emphasizes her power and control!"

To book a session with the awesome Luna, email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505.

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