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Welcome to Yui

My name is Yui all the way from the Philippines 

Brimming with energy, I can command an audience with confidence and
flair. Though I’m new to the wrestling scene, my background in
kickboxing will give me the leverage to become an upcoming star! I seek
to learn, practice and improve upon the skills in which I’ll hone.

My specialities are hooks and turning kicks, which aren’t to be taken
lightly. If you wish to become my personal punching bag, you’ll be in
the right hands!

Other areas of my life finds me being a compassionate, sensual and
empathic companion. An irresistible cocktail of dichotomy, just only a
few clicks away.

Available for fantasy semi comp and customs.

60kg 155cm

To book a session with Yui , email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505. 

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