Welcome to Tamsin Riley!

I'm Tamsin Riley, the debouched debutant whose just popped onto the
wrestling scene!
Let my 5’4 frame and 130lbs petite self show you what I am made of -
while I cackle and goad you with my perfect British accent.

I have a background in dance and horse riding which both contribute to
my flexibility, quadricep strength and tight glutes. I fell in love with
the theatrically of G.L.O.W and female wrestling so this was bound to

Those that are familiar with me know that I am a curious creature. As a
pro model, lifestyle kinkster and pro-switch theres lots for you to play
with so I encourage you to take me for a spin, I won't
disappoint...unless you hope to win!

To book a session with Tamsin, email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505.