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Welcome to Spice

Welcome to SPICE! Spice has a love for power and passion mixing bitter with sweet, whether fun or serious she's always up for a ramp on the mats or in the ring. Being a wrestler for 3years now doing sessions and video work, semi competitive and fantasy. In her younger days spice obtained a orange belt in jujitsu and used to attend a judo and kickboxing fitness class religiously for 5years,


As well as spices martial arts background, she grew up as a contemporary stage dancer but later went on to pole dancing training in adulthood which she previously is at intermediate level in training of 3years. Strong and fierce spice enjoys recreational roller skating outdoors and indoors, yoga for calming flexibility and weight training to obtain her muscle mass. 


Spice loves to test her power when wrestling. Her triangle chokes with her strong biceps and her powerful scissors never fail her however she likes to pin using the school girl power and might even add in a face sit pin with her round booty as a favourable asset. As well as semi competitive spice likes to be playful in fantasy too including foot fetish sessions and bondage too.


Height: 5ft 7inchs

Weight: 78kg

Shoe size: 7


Only available two weekends in a month!


To book a session with Spice , email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505.

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