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Welcome to Sheela!

Having trained in dance, pole, contortion, and now on a strict regimen of weight training and Muay Thai, my body is a beauty to behold and my lithe limbs will slip out of a variety of holds with ease.  Before you have a chance to catch your breath you find yourself immobilised in my vice-like grip.  

It's not just my physical strength that will have you transfixed but also my devious mind.  I love nothing more than concocting a multiplicity of ways to have you humiliated and begging for more. 

Most of all I love to see you suffer, be it smothered beneath my feet, on your knees in submission or squashed beneath my supple derrière; all with a playful demeanour and a smile on her lips as she slips from friendly to fierce in an instant.

Semi competitive, fantasy, face sitting, domination, any other requests can ask.

To book a session with Sheela, email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505.

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