Introducing Rapunzel!

She's a wrestler called Rapunzel. Check out that long, flowing hair and you'll see why!

Rapunzel is a great new wrestler at MWC. She's done some pro wrestling and catfighting, but her real love is mat-based wrestling – fantasy, semi-competitive, competitive (size permitting), as well as ballbusting, scissors sessions and lift and carry!

She's extremely fit and strong - as an accomplished aerial acrobat, she has upper body strength that a lot of guys would envy. (Check out her shoulders and biceps!) Combined with fantastic balance and flexibility, you'll see why Rapunzel makes a great wrestler! 

Rapunzel is 5ft 2 (1.57m) and 140 lbs  (63kg) - most of it sheer, functional muscle! She's a charming young lady to talk to about her wide variety of non-mainstream interests.   But once on the mats, she's a tigress with a great line in trash talk!

To book a session with Rapunzel, email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505. 

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