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RADA GOLD - 16TH - 18TH APR 2020 

Stats: 165 cm, 65 kg , born: 1985, biceps: 35 cm (14 in.), thigh: 63 cm (25 in)
Location: Grodno, Belarus
I was involved in cycling, MMA and jujitsu.  Specialties: Fantasy Wrestling, Competitive/Semi Wrestling, Scissors, Teasing, Face Sitting, Smothering, Choke out, Muscle Worship, Domination, Role Play, Spanking, Foot Worship, Any fetishes, Belly Punching, Trampling, Catfighting, Lifting, Ballbasting, Battering, Slapping, Trampling, Games with nipples, Arm wrestling, Boxing, Bondage, Sensory deprivation, Pony-games, Beatdowns, One-sided boxing - kickboxing, Fetish wear, Movies according to your scenario

To book a session with the Rada Gold, email us HERE or call Monica on 0788 187 2505.

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