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Just when you think Monica’s Wrestling Centre shows cannot get any hotter or exciting, a new one comes along to set the bar even higher than before!

A stunning show featuring no less than than seven of the best and most gorgeous UK and European wrestlers delighted the lucky punters who got to see the action up close and personal.

Representing Britain were the delicious trio of the super skilled Sativa, always popular belle Jade and the sexy Scottish powerhouse Ashley Rider.

They were joined by our continental friends represented by the phenomenal Sheena, talented German pals Warrior and Phoenix and the stunning Vanessa making her UK debut.

You can sense the crowd were excited and up for it as referee Gorbash introduced the hot ladies one by one at the start of the show.

Of course, the boss lady myself Monica and the legendary Ina Black were also ringside throughout the show to entertain the guests and make sure everything went smoothly - which it most certainly did!

All seven gave it their all, producing breath-taking submission only, mat-based matches and demonstrating exactly why they are much loved in the scene.

There is a lot of mutual respect and friendship between the wrestlers but once they stepped in between those ropes and that bell was rung, their competitive natures sent the temperatures soaring! 

If you weren’t able to make it ringside in person…then you missed out on one hell of a show! But salvation is here in the form of these clips which captured the thrills and spills of all the great battles. Download them now so you can recreate the fun of the event!


Content: 1. Sheena vs Sativa 2. Vanessa vs Jade 3. Iron Phoenix vs Ashley Rider 4. Warrior Amazon vs Sativa 5. Sheena vs Iron Phoenix 6. Vanessa vs Ashley Rider 7. Jade vs Sativa 8. Sheena vs Warrior Amazon


Double Box DVD Running Time Approx. 192 minutes


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