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What a breathless, pulsating event! Eight talented girls brought the house down over the course of nine matches that left everyone in the crowd on the edge of their seats.
There was something fresh and truly exciting about the MWC September Live Event line up with many girls making their debut or only their second appearance in our ring.
Those incredible IMAX girls from Ireland have been making a huge splash since bursting on the scene and the appearance of Lexi, Kat and Viper certainly delighted the punters with their skill, strength and sultry looks!
Pocket rocket Desi, a recent MWC recruit, certainly made an impression during the event seemingly taking on all comers! Her gutsy, energetic performances across her three matches saw her announce herself in the scene in some style.
There were also welcome returns for Leila, Eli and Gabi who - as they did during shows earlier this year - effortlessly delighted onlookers with their amazing technique and ability. Their gorgeous looks didn’t go unnoticed either!
And of course, this show featured the legendary Antscha who truly is in the premier league of session wrestlers across Europe. Seeing her in action is always an honour and she was in fine form during her matches.
Of course, the ringside presence of Monica herself and Ina Black added to the vibe while guest appearances from gorgeous redhead Inferno - still recovering from her broken leg and new MWC wrestler Havanna only added to the great vibe around the venue.
Feedback from fans is always important and the crowd was fulsome in its praise of the event as they were leaving - some declaring it the best wrestling show of the year! We can’t ask for any more than that.
With every MWC show, we are always looking to top the previous one. It’s going to take one hell of an effort to improve on this one!
If you missed it then - unlucky! But you can have the next best thing with these clips or DVD. You won’t regret it!

Content: 1.Lexi vs Antscha  2.Desi vs Eli 3. Kat vs Gabi  4. Desi vs Viper  5. Kat vs Leila  6. Eli vs Viper 7. Antscha vs Desi 8. Leila vs Gabi 9. Lexi vs Kat

Double Boxed DVD Running time: 189 min


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