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New faces at MWC, intriguing match-ups, great wrestling! Diana - a beautiful young black belt judoka - makes her ftrst appeance in the UK. And Antscha (competitive once more!) and ever-improving Axa Jay take her on! Some great action here. Justice and Pussy Willow make MWC debuts and show an enthusiastic audience some truly spirited wrestling and Babyface makes her live competitive debut.

From intense, skilled competitive action to Antscha and Pussy Willow''s crazy rip-and-strip match, there''s something for everyone here!

1. Antschav Axa Jay; 2. Justice v Pussy Willow; 3. Axa Jay v Diana; 4. Justice v Babyface; 5. Diana v Antscha; 6. Antscha v Pussy Willow.

Boxed DVD Running time: 1 hr 48 min


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